Board Blitz

Board Blitz is a 4 player party game that draws inspiration from classic party games like Mario Party, Fuzion Frenzy, Super Monkey Ball, and many others. We have fond memories of playing these games with our friends, and our main goal with Board Blitz is to bring back that experience to PC, MAC and Linux, complete with online play. Given the opportunity we'd also like to make the game available on consoles (PS4, XB1, SWITCH).

Board Blitz features two game modes, Board Blitz mode and Mini Blitz mode. Board Blitz mode works largely like it does in the earlier Mario Party games. The players take turns throwing the dice, and then make their way around a board while trying get their hands on as many orbs as possible. Each board in the game has its own unique mechanics which the players can take advantage of to get ahead.


After each turn, the players face off against each other in one of 50 available minigames. By winning at these minigames the players can gain the upper hand in the hunt for more orbs. The player with the most orbs at the end of the final turn wins the game! The players can also make use of special items. These items can be found while traversing the board, or be purchased in item shops (If you're lucky you may even come across a rare item that's for sale!) The items can be used on oneself, or used as traps for the other players!

Mini Blitz mode is perfect for someone who isn't interested in the board aspect of the game, or that just don't have the time for it. In this mode, the players compete against each other by playing only minigames. The players can choose to play random minigames, or put together a custom playlist of minigames. In this mode the player that wins the most minigames wins the game. Both Board Blitz mode and the Mini Blitz mode can be played either locally with friends, or online.

Board Blitz features a total of 50 minigames. Many of which are inspired by some of our all-time favourite minigames found in other party games. There are four types of minigames: Free-for-all, 3v1, 2v2 and 1v1.

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