About us

ScrewBit Games is made up of people that have previously worked on a fangame called Mega Man 2.5D. The team was formed back in 2010 by Peter Sjöstrand and Edgar Cebolledo. With the bulk of the work on Mega Man 2.5D done, we're now looking to move ahead with the development of our first commercial game Board Blitz, an online party game inspired by the likes of Mario Party, Super Monkey Ball, Fuzion Frenzy, and others.



Peter Sjöstrand

Game Design, Modeling, Animation

Edgar Cebolledo

Lead Programmer

Thomas Blackburn

Music Composer



Additional Support

Fernando Guardiola - Modeling / Animation

Ontikarus Ryan - Testing / Tweaking

Johan Sjöstrand - Testing / Tweaking

Justin Brown - Testing / Tweaking

Jouni Välimaa - Testing / Tweaking

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